Our Birthplace

Arnold Sports Festival


The story of this team begins in Columbus, Ohio circa 2013.

Army Captain Derick Carver, after a catastrophic injury from an IED explosion in the desert of Afghanistan was coerced by friend and Army veteran Dale King to participate in the Affiliate Gathering at the Arnold Sports Festival.

With apprehension and anxiety, Derick prior to the event removed his pants to reveal to an enormous crowd, his prosthetic leg. As Derick is known to do, when the clock started, Derick pressed the gas pedal all the way to the floor and completed the first round of the workout, “Linda” at or near the lead. The rest as they say is history. The crowd was blown away, Derick blew chunks and Team SAR was born.

In 2014, Aaron Janetti from Endeavor Crossfit invited Dale and Derick to put together an official 6-person team of adaptive athletes to compete against the able-bodied athletes. After finishing well in the standing in 2014, there has been a standing invitation for Team SAR at the event and has always been a fan favorite of the Festival.

Today, you’ll find Team SAR and their booth at the Crossfit event inside the Expo. If you’re in Columbus on Arnold weekend, stop by and see us!

In 2020, Team SAR will partner with Doc Spartan, Rogue American, RuckPack, Invader Coffee, Tacticalories, Earth Fed Muscle and Tango Charlie Apparel.

Team SAR with Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2015

Team SAR with Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2015