Q. can i join the team?

A. Team Some Assembly Required as an organization has an Elite Team and a Representative Team.

For inclusion on the Elite Team, an athlete must be able to challenge the very best in their classification, i.e., above knee, below elbow, wheelchair, etc., in their sport. If you believe you are worthy of the challenge, please contact us via Facebook or Instagram. Also, please be sure to have videos of your athletic prowess for us to review on your profile. We look forward to seeing you excel!

For inclusion on the Representative Team, we only ask that you represent the general principles of our mission; to incite camaraderie through athletics to organically grow a sense of confidence, independence and purpose within your community. Please email info@teamsomeassemblyrequired.com with your intentions and ideas. We'd love to hear from you! In 2018, we're going to emphasize this area of the organization. Your help will be instrumental to the ability of the Team to connect further with our schools, communities, cities and states.


Q. does team sar contract for public speaking engagements?

A. Team SAR can be contracted to consult/program events which are inclusive to adaptive athletes and for speaking engagements, high school/college/professional workouts, promotional engagements and team building.  Please contact info@teamsar.org for additional information.


Q. Are you looking for SPONSORSHIP?

A. We're always looking for partners to help support the team financially. There are several levels of support. When we are approached by organizations interested in partnering, we first make certain the sponsoring company fits the personality of our team. We're fearless, goal-driven and relentless. If you can match our intensity, contact info@teamsar.org to learn more about supporting our 501(c)(3). 


Q. Are donations to team sar tax deductible?

A. Yes! In fact, as soon as you make your donation on the 'Donation' page, you'll receive an email with your receipt attached. It's as simple as that! You can donate here.

EIN: 47-4570799


Q. Where is your next event?

A. All of our events are listed on the events page here. We do occasionally sneak into other events which may only show up on social media. Make sure you Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram for all of the latest Team SAR news! 


Q. How can your gym support team sar?

A. We've been approached by a ton of gyms looking for ways to support the team. First, thank you! Your interest keeps us going! Secondly, the options are endless. Most often, gym owners and their members/communities put on a competition where the proceeds benefit the team. We're always thankful for the opportunity to be a part of those events. In reality, we're all ears. We enjoy creative community building events and would love to partner with you to create something represents your community. For more information and to start a discussion about a potential partnership, please contact info@teamsar.org.