America’s Squad.



This group of names represents the apex of the human mind and body. These athletes have used athletics to guide their path to a more meaningful life.


Angela Karr

Casey Acree

Trevor Battah

Natalie Bieule*

Josh Cinnamo*

Caitlyn Connor

Lindsay Ess

Joe Fonseca

Stephanie Gunsalus

Matthew Hall

Chad Macklin

Mike McDonough*

Stephen Moore

Jeremy Ogle

Rocky Piwko

Anthony Torres*

Tanya Khvitsko-Trimborn

Zack Ruhl*

Veteran Athletes
Logan Farr

Earl Granville

Carey Greggory

Marcus Hayward*

Nick Koulchar

Jonathon Lopez

Sebastiana Lopez

Scott Weaver*




Hall of Fame
Derick Carver*









*- SAR Originals



“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.”

- General George S. Patton Jr.  


Josh Cinnamo
Executive Director

Anthony Torres
Vice President 

Dale King
Board Chairman/Co-Founder

Sadie Pachan
Chief Operations Officer

Lindsay Ess
Director, Athlete Relations



There are those whom have supported us from the very beginning; others whom we've just met. The common thread among them all is their pursuit of wild dreams and a dedication to fulfilling a life of excellence.