The Buffalo


To the Native Lakota, there was a spiritual blending with the buffalo roaming the North American plains. It was a bond so tightly sealed, it's said the buffalo were the Lakota's, "connection to the Creator."

In an excerpt from 'Bison, Givers of Life' on Indian Country Today, the buffalo are described beautifully as follows:

"The buffalo meant everything…they provided us our shelter, our food, our weapons, our toys. The lives of the people once revolved around the way of the buffalo. The buffalo provided for the people spiritually, culturally, and socially. The buffalo gave the people life. The buffalo is life."

In a sense, this is what Team Some Assembly Required is all about. This organization and the people whom represent the ideology, provide not only adaptive athletes, but people from all over the globe, an opportunity to experience an honest and genuine feeling of camaraderie based in athletics, which manifests growth spiritually, culturally and socially in you, should you choose to engage it. 



To that end...our mission is clear:

"We use and display the relentless spirit of the American adaptive athlete to promote and instill, in ALL Americans, a fundamental belief that athletics, camaraderie and competition organically grow a sense of confidence, independence and purpose."

We aren't just adaptive athletes showcasing athletic feats of strength. We are agitators for the extraordinary.

We'll see you on the road.

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Josh Cinnamo
Executive Director / President